I never thought as myself as the artist type.  I did not go to art school and study painting or drawing techniques and mediums.  I studied classic literature.  My love for classic literature led to a pursuit and collection of antique books.  It was on these treasure hunts through dusty bookshelves that I discovered the beauty of vintage atlases and maps.  I could see the stories they told and the memories they could evoke.  I wanted to display my stories and memories of the places I had been or where I wanted to go in my home where I could see them everyday.

Over time I learned techniques and developed processes for creating products for my home that are both functional and beautiful.  I began to explore colors, moods, and textures, and I combined these elements with the memories that the maps evoke to create items that have a natural place in my home to be cherished forever. 

These items tell the story of who I am and where I’ve been, and I would love to help you create your own cherished pieces. 

In addition to my online shop, my products can be found in shops and boutiques throughout the US so you can display your own stories and memories.